Download OperaGame v2.0b1.

There are several ways to get the latest OperaGame's version:

In any case, you will need at least OperaGame_Core and the language file which suit you fine!

Important informations to OperaGame 1.9.x users!

The new version of Operagame in preparation for some month is now released! This version is totally rewritten from the scratch to make OperaGame compatible with both OGame versions and to improve perfomances and privacy.

Before upgrading from an older OperaGame version, you have to know that a lot of things have changed in this version! Some previous features, the Mission Manager and the Prohibited add-on, are no longer maintained by the Core file. You need to download an additional file called "Legacy Core". Note also that you will lose your settings sorry for the inconvenience!

In order to update OperaGame, you should get a working copy. To do that, go to this page 2 in order to download OperaGame_Core and the language file which suit you fine, or use the OperaGame's Updater. You can also download OperaGame_LegacyCore if you want to use the Mission Manager and/or the OperaGame_Prohibited add-on. Note that you must remove old unused OperaGame's files, especially the Init file it is no longer required. Of course, Core and i18n files and the Prohibited file if the need arises can be simply overwritten.

When it is done, you can start to play with OperaGame in OGame universes. Log on to an universe or refresh the page if you are already logged and let's get cracking! :)

How to help OperaGame's development?

If something does not work, goes wrong, or you do not see the OperaGame's icon, I urge you to fill a bug report in this bug tracker as detailed as possible. Make sure that your problem has not already been reported or solved. You can also use it to make a request for OperaGame 2.0b2. While it is registration free, it is not a bad idea to sign up in order to get some privilege e.g. become able to edit your report.

If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact me on the forum.

Note that since versions:
  1. This page, including experimental versions, allow to get the most up-to-date version available, which is not always the case of the SVN referential actually. It is preferable to use the latter only if it is impossible for some reasons to retrieve the experimental version.
  2. If you have been redirected to this page by the OperaGame's updater, I urge you to use this link or the updater to download updated files. Otherwise, I will not get any statistics about how many regular users download this release and so how many users are still using OperaGame. Thank you for your undestanding.